Coach screws – hex head – needle point


These coach screws are available in hot-dip galvanised steel, zinc plated steel and stainless steel – grade 316. They come in a wide range of sizes.

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These coach screws are available in hot-dip galvanised steel, zinc plated steel and stainless steel – grade 316. They come in a wide range of sizes.


  • Hex head makes it easy to use with a wrench, spanner or pliers
  • Sharp needle point for easy penetration
  • Heavy duty
  • Large variety of sizes suits a multitude of construction applications

 Coach screws – quick reference

Code Size Specs Qty
CSCMG06030HP M6 x 30mm HDG 100
CSCMG06040HP M6 x 40mm HDG 100
CSCMG06050HP M6 x 50mm HDG 100
CSCMG06065HP M6 x 65mm HDG 100
CSCMG06075HP M6 x 75mm HDG 100
CSCMG08030HP M8 x 30mm HDG 100
CSCMG08040HP M8 x 40mm HDG 100
CSCMG08050HP M8 x 50mm HDG 100
CSCMG08065HP M8 x 65mm HDG 100
CSCMG08075HP M8 x 75mm HDG 100
CSCMG08100HP M8 x 100mm HDG 100
CSCMG10040HP M10 x 40mm HDG 100
CSCMG10050HP M10 x 50mm HDG 100
CSCMG10065HP M10 x 65mm HDG 100
CSCMG10075HP M10 x 75mm HDG 100
CSCMG10100HP M10 x 100mm HDG 50
CSCMG10120HP M10 x 120mm HDG 50
CSCMG10130HP M10 x 130mm HDG 50
CSCMG10150HP M10 x 150mm HDG 50
CSCMG12050HP M12 x 50mm HDG 25
CSCMG12065HP M12 x 65mm HDG 25
CSCMG12075HP M12 x 75mm HDG 25
CSCMG12100HP M12 x 100mm HDG 25
CSCMG12130HP M12 x 130mm HDG 25
CSCMG12150HP M12 x 150mm HDG 25
CSCMG12180HP M12 x 180mm HDG 25
CSCMG12200HP M12 x 200mm HDG 25
CSCMG16050HP M16 x 50mm HDG 25
CSCMG16075HP M16 x 75mm HDG 25
CSCMG16100HP M16 x 100mm HDG 25
CSCMG16130HP M16 x 130mm HDG 25
CSCMG16150HP M16 x 150mm HDG 25
CSCMG16200HP M16 x 200mm HDG 25
CSCMG20100HP M20 x 100mm HDG 25
CSCMG20130HP M20 x 130mm HDG 25
CSCMG20150HP M20 x 150mm HDG 25
CSCMG20200HP M20 x 200mm HDG 25
CSCMS060030 M6 x 30mm SS 316 100
CSCMS060040 M6 x 40mm SS 316 100
CSCMS060050 M6 x 50mm SS 316 100
CSCMS060065 M6 x 65mm SS 316 50
CSCMS060075 M6 x 75mm SS 316 50
CSCMS080030 M8 x 30mm SS 316 50
CSCMS080040 M8 x 40mm SS 316 50
CSCMS080050 M8 x 50mm SS 316 50
CSCMS080065 M8 x 65mm SS 316 50
CSCMS080075 M8 x 75mm SS 316 50
CSCMS080100 M8 x 100mm SS 316 50
CSCMS100040 M10 x 40mm SS 316 50
CSCMS100050 M10 x 50mm SS 316 50
CSCMS100065 M10 x 65mm SS 316 25
CSCMS100075 M10 x 75mm SS 316 25
CSCMS100100 M10 x 100mm SS 316 25
CSCMS100120 M10 x 120mm SS 316 25
CSCMS100130 M10 x 130mm SS 316 25
CSCMS100150 M10 x 150mm SS 316 25
CSCMS120050 M12 x 50mm SS 316 25
CSCMS120065 M12 x 65mm SS 316 25
CSCMS120075 M12 x 75mm SS 316 25
CSCMS120100 M12 x 100mm SS 316 25
CSCMS120130 M12 x 130mm SS 316 25
CSCMS120150 M12 x 150mm SS 316 25
CSCMS120180 M12 x 180mm SS 316 25
CSCMS160100 M16 x 100mm SS 316 25
CSCMZ06030HP M6 x 30mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ06040HP M6 x 40mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ06050HP M6 x 50mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ06065HP M6 x 65mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ06075HP M6 x 75mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ08030HP M8 x 30mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ08040HP M8 x 40mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ08050HP M8 x 50mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ08065HP M8 x 65mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ08075HP M8 x 75mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ08100HP M8 x 100mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ10040HP M10 x 40mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ10050HP M10 x 50mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ10065HP M10 x 65mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ10075HP M10 x 75mm Zinc 100
CSCMZ10100HP M10 x 100mm Zinc 50
CSCMZ10120HP M10 x 120mm Zinc 50
CSCMZ10130HP M10 x 130mm Zinc 50
CSCMZ10150HP M10 x 150mm Zinc 50
CSCMZ12050HP M12 x 50mm Zinc 25
CSCMZ12065HP M12 x 65mm Zinc 25
CSCMZ12075HP M12 x 75mm Zinc 25
CSCMZ12100HP M12 x 100mm Zinc 25
CSCMZ12130HP M12 x 130mm Zinc 25
CSCMZ12150HP M12 x 150mm Zinc 25
CSCMZ12200HP M12 x 200mm Zinc 25

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M06 x 30mm, M06 x 40mm, M06 x 50mm, M06 x 65mm, M06 x 75mm, M08 x 100mm, M08 x 30mm, M08 x 40mm, M08 x 50mm, M08 x 65mm, M08 x 75mm, M10 x 100mm, M10 x 120mm, M10 x 130mm, M10 x 150mm, M10 x 40mm, M10 x 50mm, M10 x 65mm, M10 x 75mm, M12 x 100mm, M12 x 130mm, M12 x 150mm, M12 x 180mm, M12 x 200mm, M12 x 50mm, M12 x 65mm, M12 x 75mm, M16 x 100mm, M16 x 130mm, M16 x 150mm, M16 x 200mm, M16 x 50mm, M16 x 75mm, M20 x 100mm, M20 x 130mm, M20 x 150mm, M20 x 200mm


hot-dip galvanised steel, stainless steel – grade 316, zinc plated steel